Top Sectors in India that are going to get Benefits from Modi Government 2.0

India recently elected its new Prime Minister, and he is none other than Narendra Modi. He was the previous PM, too. Re-selection of Modi government proves that citizens of the country are fully satisfied with his actions and policies. Now after the elections, everyone is looking for the answer that who will get benefit from the government. Which sector will get more, and which will get less from the newly elected leadership.

After he got elected, Narendra Modi headed the first Cabinet meeting with the Union Ministers, and he made path-breaking decisions for the development of the society. Let’s find out which sector in India are going to get benefits from Modi government 2.0.

Agriculture in India and Modi Government

Prime Minister’s Kisan Scheme for Agriculture Sector

As India’s majority of the population lives in rural areas, so the agriculture sector is highly crucial for the growth and development of the country, and that’s why Modi government decided to cover all the farmers. It doesn’t matter whether they are small farmers or not, because everyone will get ₹6,000 in their bank accounts under the Prime Minister’s Kisan Scheme.

As per the new revised scheme, almost 14.5 crore farmers would benefit from this plan now. Moreover, the Union Cabinet also approved a proposal to give pension to over 10 million farmers. The center is willing to spend ₹10,774.5 crore for three years on this program. Let’s hope for the best for its implementation. Moreover, Cabinet also approved a scheme with a total outlay of ₹13,343 crores to control the diseases among the livestock to help the farming community.

The goal or a purpose behind all these schemes is to boost the agriculture sector because it only grew 2.9% in the fiscal year 2019 against the rate of 5% in the previous year, which is not at all glorious.

Prime Minister’s pension scheme for trading industry: Traders will get benefits

In its first Cabinet conference, the Modi government 2.0 signed a new scheme, which will provide a monthly pension of ₹3,000 to retail traders as well as shopkeepers and self-employed persons after reaching the age of 60 years. As per the statistics, this scheme will benefit three crore retail traders and shopkeepers, and over five crore traders will join it in the next three years.

Moreover, according to the official statement, all retail traders, self-employed persons, and shopkeepers with GST turnover below ₹1.5 crore and their ages are between 18 and 40, they can enroll in this scheme in over 3.25 lac central service centers spread across the country.

Prime Minister’s Scholarship Scheme for Students

Modi Government and Indian Education System

The Prime Minister has increased the amount for the Scholarship Scheme, which is the part of the National Defense Fund, and it benefits the students to a great extent. As per the new agreement, the rates of scholarship increase from ₹2,000 to ₹2,500 per month for boys and ₹2,500 to ₹3,000 per month for girls. Moreover, the government has announced to give scholarship to the wards of state police personnel who martyred during terror attacks, and the quota for them will be 500 per year.

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