India Q2 GDP Growth Raised To 6.3% From Q1 5.7%

The good news is  that Indian GDP Q2 results shown an impressive change from the previous quarter. The GDP growth raised to 6.3%. It was 5.7% in the first quarter. The festival season played an important role in this quarter which was beneficial for the Indian economy growth.

GDP India Q2 Results

Q2 GDP 6.3%

Sectors like Electricity, Gas, Communication, Broadcasting Services, Transportation, Hotels and Manufacturing played a major role in the economical growth this quarter. GST was badly affected GDP in the first quarter but it is helped the Indian market later the implementation.

The positive news will make the stock market more stronger. As per Moody’s recent result country shown some growth after GST and festivals.

The growth rate for  1. Agri Forestry and Fishing  2. Construction, 3. Mining and quarrying  are 1.7, 2.6, 5.5 respectively.  Real Estate and Professional Services 5.7. Admin, Public, Defence growth stood at 6%.

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