What is a coronavirus and how has it affected the global market

At the end of last year, the first case of Coronavirus was reported from Wahun, China. This is not the first outbreak of a virus in China that has caused lots of worries and tension in its citizens as well as the other countries. In the past, there was also a virus called SARS which caused a lot of fatalities and affected the global market between China and other countries. Recently, the reports of the spread of Coronavirus has increased amicably not only in China but also in the neighboring countries. Fear has it that some cases have been reported in Canada and other European countries. Since the outbreak of this virus, Chinese citizens and the people of the Chinese origin have received discrimination from others who have labeled them all as having been affected by the virus. This has led to the China travel ban where no one in China is allowed to travel to whichever country despite the many people who have a variety of things to do in various countries and others who want to visit China. In the past week, the UN declared Coronavirus as a global emergency which has brought about lots of tension is not all Chinese people but also the rest of the world at large. The WHO also added to say that the virus has been declared a global health emergency and the first in our era that has proven to be fatal and hardly treatable.

What is Coronavirus?

Corona Virus

These viruses belong under a family of viruses that have for a while been known to contain strains. The strains are very fatal and can easily cause catastrophic deaths in birds as well as mammals. This shows that any exposure of the virus to a person it can easily be transferrable through airborne droplets of fluids which are produced and released by the infected persons. The genus of this virus that easily affects mammals and birds is Deltacoronavirus.

What are the symptoms?

It is hard to realize that the symptoms one has are for the virus since they are numerous. Includes, a bad
cold which brings about respiratory complications such as a sore throat or a runny nose. There is also a
fever in the body.

How has Coronavirus affected the global market?

The virus has brought about complications in the market transactions between China and global chain
supplies and economies, for example, the US whose economic deal had just been signed and was
underway to start being implemented. This has brought a lot of delays and setbacks since even the
Chinese citizens have been banned from traveling due to fear of the spread of the virus. The Chinese
had not been doing great since some of its economic allies such as America had resorted elsewhere to
get supplies due to China's new tariffs and trade tensions. The impact that will be brought by the virus
on the global is expected to be way severe than that of SARS back in 2003. Tourism has been called to a
halt due to the quick transmission of the virus from person to person thus China will greatly suffer a
decline and a great setback in its back then-booming global market relations.

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