Headlines this week: The US has “the world’s highest rate of children in detention,” per reports about a UN study on migrant children detained at the US-Mexico border.

Then AFP and Reuters retracted & removed the story. Not because the data was false—because it was from 2015.

Factbox: What comes next in the Trump impeachment inquiry? https://t.co/8RulzK2iKB

Is the gourd the successor to single-use coffee cups? The fruit, grown inside a 3-D printed mold and 100% biodegradable, could do just that

589 students participated in the placement process for summer internship being attended by over 160 employers


Passengers no longer need to remember their IRCTC log-in credentials to search for trains

Here's why


Does #investing for social outcomes mean a trade-off for returns? Find out which companies made our list of #stocks with both high #ESG ratings and strong fundamentals. Tune in Monday to #InvestingStrategies with IBD at @Nasdaq. @MSCI_Inc #MSCI #cleantech #SROI #sustainability

Unions agree to end an eight-day strike after state carrier South African Airways agreed to a wage deal that brought the cash-strapped state airline to the brink of collapse https://t.co/DHeCWb1aa6

Wall Street Week Ahead - Conditions may be set for Santa Claus rally https://t.co/59hlIaBq8b

Zimbabwe’s Meikles Hotel is getting a new owner, an investment company from Dubai. The 312-room hotel, built in 1915, is one of Zimbabwe’s best-known establishments https://t.co/rZSXKdbIkY

Three months ago, the economic outlook seemed dark.

Hope you didn't panic and sell everything back then https://t.co/cFLT37Gmlq

Exclusive: Chevron CEO plans major cost-cutting overhaul of production teams - sources https://t.co/8QHBaCff1X

The facility was initially started with ICICI FASTag and will be rolled out through other major banks gradually.


Now available: Weekly data on the Assets and Liabilities of Commercial Banks in the United States: https://t.co/NSim8zRsNg #FedData

Tesla Chief Executive Elon Musk unveils the company’s electric Cybertruck, venturing into the pickup truck market, which is dominated by Ford https://t.co/geN6Y57dpZ

Tesla's cybertruck launch takes hit as 'shatterproof' windows crack https://t.co/3McIU4D5qw

Are you a client of Ally Invest? If so, we'd like to invite you to take a quick survey. We will include you in a drawing to win one of ten $50 cash prizes! https://t.co/OFo4FJuuvZ

The global economy and earnings will stabilize in 2020, allowing riskier assets to flourish even with central banks keeping policy little changed, according to Goldman Sachs Group Inc https://t.co/rqcku1KVps

Starting next year, jet fuel suppliers in Norway must blend 0.5% of biofuel in all their aviation fuel, a policy that Oslo hopes will boost supply and demand and lead to lower carbon dioxide emissions https://t.co/9l4upeSjAq

Indexes edged higher Friday in a quiet session, but two emerging leaders staged powerful breakouts $STNE $GSX $PANW Sponsored by Interactive Brokers. @IBKR https://t.co/W3ltJiZydB

9 Must-Do Tricks For Investing In Mutual Funds https://t.co/gxyPDrYjew

Walmart Inc.’s Jet subsidiary is ending its fresh-food delivery business just a year after introducing the service in New York City, another sign that the urban-focused site is scaling back https://t.co/jNtkyf2wKm

Pope Francis urges young people to be rooted in their faith at a Bangkok mass. ‘Without this firm sense of rootedness, we can become bewildered by the voices of this world that compete for our attention.’ https://t.co/LgocmmfbxM

Wall Street rises with trade optimism, upbeat economic data https://t.co/2PlPurQSJC

The euro-area economy came close to a halt in November as the steep decline in manufacturing spread further into services https://t.co/l3H3bkdgmr

The matter pertained to the DoT claiming that telecom companies had under reported their revenues.


Business activity in France picked up slightly this month as the euro zone’s second-biggest economy battles to keep growing while international trade disputes cloud the outlook https://t.co/cnwACKhMbE

Congressional Democrats are leaving for vacation with only one real accomplishment this month: effectively shutting down Congress.

Not for lack of legislative work to do.

Crispr Therapeutics Stock Surged; Was It A Sell? https://t.co/92BLadapSO

Tesla Inc. slumped in pre-market trading after the electric carmaker’s newly unveiled pickup truck elicited mixed response on Wall Street, with many analysts saying the “particularly futuristic” design may relegate it to niche vehicle status https://t.co/lwkn6ui6mf

South Korean boy band BTS may have spearheaded a wave of Korean pop, but they will not be able to avoid mandatory military service after the defense ministry refused to grant its members exemptions https://t.co/HMcgD5cL7e

Cricket: India exploit Bangladesh's pink chink to lord in Kolkata https://t.co/9t2yCWD5NN

President Donald Trump continued his attacks on ousted U.S. Ambassador to Ukraine Marie Yovanovich and other witnesses in the House impeachment inquiry into whether he abused his office to pressure Ukraine to announce an investigation into political rivals https://t.co/fGujuc09G7

ROE/ROCE is a function of the "live-in relationship" between P&L and BS. Very good or -ve ROCE has no impact on the underlying CFO.

Good ROCE can mask the fact that CFO has been -ve
Low or -ve ROCE can mask the fact that CFO has been 👍

Accounting Magic | Wildlife Safari

The real estate market in downtown Los Angeles is taking a hit as Chinese cash dries up https://t.co/Wg3Roxe9pk

Do you have a mentor who made a difference in your career? Employees at our Glasgow office are volunteering time to support local students through quality career guidance with @CareerReadyUK. #MSGivesBack https://t.co/Gy0HgI1vyW

Pakistan grapples with drug-resistant typhoid outbreak https://t.co/mkQgbrfSXy

Congratulations to the college students who competed in the 2019 National Fed Challenge Finals: https://t.co/8lMM0CITnw

The 2019 winner is @PaceUniversity

For more info: https://t.co/rwy8c4nZbK

President Donald Trump said there is “a very good chance” to make a trade deal with China but that unrest in Hong Kong is “a complicating factor” https://t.co/eLe1DYrh5s

The matter pertained to the DoT claiming that telecom companies had under reported their revenues.


House Speaker Nancy Pelosi said there was clear evidence President Donald Trump had used his office for personal gain and undermined national security but that no final impeachment decision had been made https://t.co/Y6lbk06KKS

Under President @realDonaldTrump, the United States is respected again. 🇺🇸

President Donald Trump said that he’ll stand by his man Mike Pence in the 2020 campaign https://t.co/3P6kMk7O32

‘We’ve costed it through. The needs of this country are enormous,’ said Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn as he defended his party’s election manifesto that outlined plans to raise billions of pounds https://t.co/WPFthAM7sa

.@SecAzar and I will soon release a plan to let Florida and other States import prescription drugs that are MUCH CHEAPER than what we have now! Hard-working Americans don’t deserve to pay such high prices for the drugs they need. We are fighting DAILY to make sure this HAPPENS...

Trump says we have a deal with China, "potentially very close" https://t.co/bzn2fe51e7

Executives at SoftBank are looking for a way to reduce the size of a $3 billion offer for WeWork stock as part of its rescue package, as the office-sharing behemoth makes wide-ranging cuts to staff https://t.co/rVRi2Ve9mw

The annual Victoria's Secret fashion show has been axed this year, the parent company L Brands said. Ratings have dropped despite A-list lineups and sales have steadily declined https://t.co/KSJ1ZLGhOm

Thank you to @senatemajldr Mitch McConnell and @GOPLeader Kevin McCarthy for their Great Leadership! There has never been so much unity and spirit in the Republican Party, as there is right now!

Are you a client of Ally Invest? If so, we'd like to invite you to take a quick survey. We will include you in a drawing to win one of ten $50 cash prizes! https://t.co/EZmSLhXDVp

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