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FIFA 2022 World Cup Qatar, sounds like a massive breakthrough for not only Qatar but for the wider MENA region, and it would revolutionize the sporting development economy, too. The state’s goal is to be a global center of excellence for all aspects of the sport. With the benefits extending across Football maniac already exist in Arab countries, it will boost to another level, and will also make a positive bonding between Qatar and its neighboring countries.  Here are the following impacts that Fifa will have on Qatar and other MENA countries.

Patching up with the neighbors

Recently, Gianni led Fifa summit in which he presented the offer to include 16 more teams in the tournament. Qatar has to share some games with neighboring countries because of limited stadiums, and it is difficult to manage lots of teams by only one nation. Back then in 2017, Bahrain, Saudi Arabia, the United Arab Emirates, and Egypt cut relations with Qatar because of it allegedly supporting terrorism. This tournament would not only reunite the countries together but also end amid tensions with Saudi and other regions.

Qatar Stadium

Healthy Culture Exchange

There are millions of football fans all around the earth, and the game unites people together on one platform to support the best teams and players. As Arab countries often face criticism just because of terrorism, this tournament will help Qatar and these countries to prove themselves as one of the most hostile people in the world.

Economic Growth

As Qatar is going to host one of the massive tournaments of the Middle East in the sporting sphere for the very first time, hopefully, it would have a significant impact on the Qatari economy before, during, and even after the events. High revenues and investments are speculating in sporting venues, transports, hotels, broadcasting, and leisure facilities will give a boost to the economic growth, and it will also generate fixed-term employment in the region as well.

Rise in Investment

As per July report 2013 by Deloitte, Qatar will likely to invest around $200bn, out of which, $140bn will spend on transport infrastructure including a new airport, roads, and the Doha Metro. While $20bn will reserve for tourism. It will not only help in uplifting the FDI, but the domestic investment will increase, too. It will also boost the economy.


More Bids to More Events

FIFA World Cup may open the path of their super leagues of the tournament in Qatar as there is a chance that Doha may win the bid for Olympics as it has the resources. In January 2015, Sheikh Saoud bin Abdulrahman Al Thani, the secretary-general of the QOC said, Qatar would continue to offer for prime international sporting events. It means, bidding for hosting matches from foreign Football leagues, but as Sheikh Saoud said, “Qatar is open to any sport.”

Qatar’s potentiality to organize tournaments has already proved, and the state is supporting clubs, athletes and events from around the globe on a week-to-week basis is increasing rapidly. One of the challenges will be the development of interest in athletics among all Qataris, with the aim of improving health and welfare, and securing more medals and trophies for local athletes.

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